Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and “Get Focused” program creator Goldin Martinez visited Asbury Park for the first time when he came to the OLMC afterschool program in April, bringing a promising message of empowerment through exercise and reading.

As a young child, Goldin remembers loving to read at an early age but not being able to afford books. His unique program, “Get Focused”, gives children of all circumstances access to books by utilizing exercise as currency! Essentially, children can earn books through physical activity. This changes the perception of exercise from punishment to reward, encouraging both literacy and a healthy lifestyle.

The students perked up in their chairs and leaned into the conversation as Goldin spoke with them. They were captivated by Goldin’s vibrant personality and enthusiasm for making healthy and positive change within themselves and within their communities. Goldin’s message of positive change through exercise and reading made them excited for the potential of what they could achieve in Goldin’s program.

With his warm smile and contagious energy, Goldin engages and inspires communities, planting the seeds for physical fitness and literacy wherever he goes. The All Stars are thrilled to welcome Goldin into the afterschool program next year!

Learn more about Goldin and his program “Get Focused” here: https://youtu.be/_yOg6tYz5xU

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