Renew Music

Independent label and artist support agency Ropeadope announces the launch of Renew Music – an initiative to help musicians navigate the paradigm shift caused by the Novel Coronavirus (Covid19).

The music business was already a formidable challenge for independent artists, who were juggling part time jobs, touring, and recording new music to make ends meet. With tours canceled and travel almost impossible, artists are faced with a substantial decline in revenue that threatens their immediate financial stability. The post-coronavirus world will be especially challenging for live events, a further threat to their long term financial stability. These factors have the potential to interrupt the flow of music that we all enjoy as a positive and uplifting part of our lives.

Renew Music seeks to assist artists in the process of navigating this future, to help them create quality online content and to develop new content distribution and monetization strategies. Online content has in the past been expected by consumers for free or near free, but now that we are facing a global pandemic a new wave of content can and must be created that commands a price.