Friendship Train Foundation has recognized the need in education to broaden the horizons of our youth while supplementing daily education with engaging, hands-on programs. With our experience, we believe we can implement innovative classes in other community settings.

FTF has seen how collaborative efforts can yield great benefits for students. We work with organizations and businesses, such as the Girls Scouts of the Jersey Shore, Monmouth University, and Small Factory Productions, a visual arts and media studio, to provide a wide range of activities. We’ve also put together a team of passionate and dedicated instructors—artists, teachers, and other professionals—who form the foundation of our outreach team.  Together with Small Factory Productions, we are looking to partner with teachers, PTOs, and schools to see how we may help address your needs.

How Can We Help?

  • Individual STEAM classes: Junior Engineering, Robotics, Super Science, Makey Makey, and more
  • Customized afterschool enrichment programs
  • Assemblies and workshops
  • Support for 21st Century Community Learning Center startups
  • Grant writing
  • Professional development for teachers and instructors
  • Research
  • Relationship building and facilitation
  • Workshops for thought leaders: teachers, funders, administrators, parents, board members

Call us today at 732-933-4767 to find out how we can help customize programs and resources that suit your unique needs.

Only 10.2 million K-12 children (18 percent) participate in afterschool programs. An additional 19.4 million would participate if a quality program were available in their community.
(Afterschool Alliance, 2014)