This winter the All Stars Afterschool Program continued an exciting Physical Activity pilot program with collaborator Monmouth University. The class is led by Monmouth University students under the guidance and supervision of Staci Drewson, professor of Athletics.  

The University is studying the use of play for overall fitness in children. Giving time for play through physical activity offers crucial cognitive, health, emotional, social, and physical benefits to a child’s development. The class meets twice a week for 22 select 4th and 5th graders and will continue until the end of the Spring session. This was an impressive commitment to the students who signed up!  

We are not surprised that this class has become a favorite of this age group. What child doesn’t like to let off some steam with physical activity after school?

The students, however, may be surprised that there are numerous benefits physical play, aside from just making them “feel good”.  Check out this article that highlights the importance of physical play for children’s development:

Check out some of the fun on Instagram @OLMCAllStars to see the students in action!

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